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Data network

Router management is critical for your company’s network. As networks become more complex, technology has evolved to become much more sophisticated and execute various important tasks that keep the communications flowing efficiently and safely.

VoIP support

Our VoIP solutions are designed to deliver safely and continuously. With over 10 years of experience in infrastructure support for VoIP systems, with support from some of the biggest partners on the market.

Customer service solutions

Boxdesk’s DNA is built on absolute passion for customer service.

About us

Boxdesk was founded in 2010, in Recife, with the intention and vision of providing to the clients an exceptional, personalized and highly trustworthy customer service experience, focused on helping companies achieve the most of their efficiency in operational management.

We started our operations in the field of end user support with infrastructure solutions for IP telephony and data networks. With our ever growing relations expertise and the ripening of the market for customer service, in 2019 we started to delve into the customer service area, focusing on the corporate market which, at that time, demanded safe and clear solutions for the front office area.

We are in love with providing the best customer service possible, it is our culture and our DNA. We were created with the purpose of building transparent, objective and respectful relationships, through a human and personal approach to our customer services, as we are sure that the closer we are to our clients, the better we can understand their needs.

We want to be recognized as a company that builds lasting relationships between clients and service providers.



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